My Canadian Heritage

When you plant shit seeds, you get shit weeds. — Jim Lahey, TPB Truer words were never spoken.  Life advice from the trailer park boys? Who would have thought? I recently spent a few weeks visiting family in Michigan.  While I was there, I found myself being frequently questioned by American youth on what it’s […]

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Phog Phest 3 and my Ukulele

I’ve had my Ukulele for about a week now.  I’m really enjoying the learning process, although my fingers are a bit sore, but I’m sure they’ll toughen up in time.  Check out my progress below. So, like I mentioned in the video, I’m very excited about seeing Elliott Brood at Phog Phest 3.

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Is Shark Week good or bad for sharks?

Discovery Channel’s popular series Shark Week starts tonight.  I love sharks.  They’re so majestic, mysterious, powerful, beautiful and not to mention ancient.  They’ve been around for millions of years.  They’re the ocean’s top predator and they keep the delicate eco-system in check. I usually get pumped for Shark Week.  Ever since I was a kid my eyes […]

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Is the cost of water at Cedar Point just as bad for the environment as it is for your wallet?

Last week I was lucky enough to take a small road trip to Sandusky, OH to visit their world renowned amusement park – Cedar Point. I was so pumped to go.  It had been at least 10 years since I’ve graced that park with my presence.  I absolutely love roller coasters and the not-so-cheap thrills […]

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Meet my new best friend

I’ve been a music lover for as long as I can remember.  I’m pretty sure it was being able to reach the volume controls on my mother’s stereo that motivated me to stand upright for the first time. I love all sorts of music and I’ve gone through phases with pretty much every genre you […]

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